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Architectural Form

Reference to Covenants 4.01 Basic Control: No building or other improvements of any character shall be erected or placed, or the

erection or placing thereof commenced or changes made in the design or exterior appearance or any addition or exterior alteration made

thereto after original construction, or demolition or destruction by voluntary action made thereto after original construction, on any Tract

in the Subdivision until the obtaining of the necessary approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of the construction plans

and specifications for the construction or alteration of such improvements or demolition or destruction of existing improvements by

voluntary action.

Reference to Covenants, Section 3.13 Drainage: Natural established drainage patterns of streets, Tracts or roadway ditches will not be impaired by any person or persons. Driveway culverts must be installed and will be of sufficient size to afford proper drainage of ditches without backing water up into ditch or diverting flow.

The builder and property owner must have read the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for any type of construction or improvements and agree to follow these restrictions. Failure to follow these restrictions can result in the entire project being in violation and subject to fines and /or a cease and desist order.

1. Prior to any construction work, contractors will provide a portable toilet at the construction site. It must be properly maintained and removed prior to move in or upon completion of construction, whichever occurs first.

2. Prior to any construction work, contractors will provide a dumpster/roll-off, minimum 6 yd. capacity for trash. Builder is responsible for keeping trash out of the road, ditches, and neighboring lots on a daily basis. If not placed in the dumpster/roll-off, all job site debris will be removed weekly. Should it be necessary for the BWG Property Owners Association to clean a site or have a site cleaned, the property owner will be responsible for the removal charge cost.

3. Construction materials will not be burned on the property.

4. At no time will contractors be allowed to use adjoining tracts for any purpose without the written permission of the tract owner. This includes driving or parking of construction trucks.

5. All job sites will be kept in a clean and orderly condition. No materials will be stored or placed in the swale, right-of-way, or natural areas.

6. Bentwater streets are county roads and not material staging areas. Piling/storing materials on any Bentwater street is not allowed.

7. Contractors should be prudent and use good judgement on the work day hours being used at the work site by the various subcontractors. For all activity other than the pouring of the slab, it is recommended that no activity will commence prior to 7:00 AM and all work terminated no later than 7:00 PM.

8. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on job sites.

9. The playing of music at such a level as to be disruptive to an owner of a neighboring tract is prohibited.

10. Contractors should take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents. When it is necessary to use a street for a brief period to load or unload or when using hidden drives, flagmen and warning devices should be used. All drivers, subcontractors, and suppliers should be warned that there are very steep roads and hidden drives and that driving in excess of the posted speed limit is dangerous.

11. Any agents, subcontractors and employees of owners and contractors who violate construction site requirements or any other ACC criteria may be removed and prohibited from continuing to work at the job site.

12. A culvert must be installed prior to any construction and is subject to the inspection and approval of the Bentwater Compliance Administrator.

13. Corner pins must be visible in order for setback distances to be verified.

14. Improvements must be built with exterior being 95% masonry, glass or natural wood products. No aluminum, asbestos siding, Masonite or plywood siding.

15. All accessory buildings or detached garages must be of similar construction as the dwelling.

16. Any building, structure or improvement commenced on any tract shall be completed as to exterior finish and appearance within six (6) months from the commencement date. Construction will be complete within twelve (12) months from the commencement date. Commencement date is when anything other than dirt work begins.

17. Contractors must have the location of building forms approved by the Compliance Administrator. No other work can begin without approval. It is the responsibility of the contractor and/or property owner to contact the Compliance Administrator to notify them that the forms have been set.

18. During construction contractors are permitted to have one professionally made sign, not more than thirty six inches wide by thirty six inches long for advertising purposes. Signs must be removed upon completion of the construction work.

19. All dwellings must be equipped with a septic system that meets all applicable laws, rules, standards and specification, and all dwellings must be served with electricity.

20. Once construction begins on a new dwelling the lot must be maintained in accordance with the Duty of Maintenance requirements.

21. Swimming pools must be approved by the ACC prior to start of construction. For swimming pools to be approved by the ACC, site plans must show an existing fence or proposed fence at least 48" high around the pool. The fence has to be constructed prior to filling the pool.

22. Temporary power poles, markers, and construction debris must be removed prior to move in or upon completion of construction, whichever occurs first.

23. The Compliance Administrator may be on the property throughout construction and is available to help answer questions.