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Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee is composed of Bentwater property owners who are charged with the authority to grant or withhold approval for new improvements or changes to the exteriors of existing structures according to the recorded Covenants and Restrictions and the Rules and Regulations of Bentwater.

The committee meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Bentwater Activity Center, 1800 W Emerald Bend Drive, Granbury, TX. At these meetings, submitted building plans and variance requests are reviewed. Property owners and builders who have plans in review are encouraged and welcome to attend the meetings. Any property owner is welcome to observe at the meeting.

Each Application made to the Committee for Approval Must Include the Following:

Home or accessory Building Plans: Three Sets of Blue Prints which show: 

  • Interior with Square Footage Measurements

  • Exterior Elevations

  • Exterior Materials List

  • Overall Height of each improvement

Site Plans: Three HARD COPIES of the Site Plan to Include the Following: 

  • Copy of the survey which includes: 

  • Property lines with measurements

  • Front, rear, and side required setbacks and measurements

  • Utility and Drainage Easements

  • Location of existing improvements on the property

  • Location of all proposed Improvements with setbacks shown to all property lines

  • Fence location, material, color, and height

  • Pool location with required fence height, material and color

  • Retaining walls with height and material

Fees: According to the fee schedule in the left menu. 

Application Form: Available on the Left Menu Item. Complete and submit. Once submitted, the application will be emailed to you so that you may print and sign. 

Please Note: 

  • Variances for accessory buildings that do not adhere to the covenants, conditions and restrictions of Bentwater are rarely approved. Each application will be reviewed independently and with consideration of BWG Property Owners Association Rule 37-2017

  • Natural established drainage patterns of streets, Tracts or roadway ditches must not be impaired by the improvements or the building process.

  • No Review will take place if there are any outstanding balances or any unresolved compliance issues on the property. 


Drop Plans directly into the mailbox at 1409 Bentwater Parkway, Granbury TX or mail via United States Postal Service to the same address. UPS and Fed-Ex deliveries are not accepted at this address. Please call 817-888-8499  or email acc@bentwater.org to make arrangements for alternate forms of delivery.